Abby Walsh

// Beadseeker
Abby Walsh

621xp to level 3
// April 14, 2013

Back in the Madisaddle

Rolled on up to Madison to see my lovely ladies up there & have some fun and adventure!

// March 19, 2013


// title unlocked

Never before hath one woman searched so long and so far and so hard on a Saturday after a box social as Abby hath!

Enchanted Sweatpants

Enchanted Sweatpants

// item unlocked

You’re gonna be wearing sweatpants anyway… why not make them enchanted and awesome? +7 to dat ASS!

// March 16, 2013

Food & Ferrets

Epic brunch, fuzzy animals, bookstore, nerd-hobby store, quest for beads, sad little mall, spice shop… *phew!*

// March 15, 2013

Idus Martiae

Caitlin’s house hosted an amazing Castle-level party celebrating the Ides of March! There was SO much dancing!!!!

// March 2, 2013

A Noratastic Birthday

Dinner, bowling, and going out drinking! It’s almost as though Nora had her birthday or something! So much fun!!

// February 9, 2013

Hardcore Groceries

It may have taken a while, but we got all the food, cooked a month’s worth of meals, and even had some pizza!

// January 30, 2013

Decadic Lady

// title unlocked

She’s a mathematical monster, but still a lady on the streets! Sometimes she rolls on the floor.

Equestrian Phallus

Equestrian Phallus

// item unlocked

Oh wait… you already have one! HA! +7 to attracting Nora

// January 26, 2013

Sexy Librarian Pub Crawl

We got super sexy, checked out a few bars, and heard a lot of talk about literature. Abby even faked being one of them!


Tofurkey Incident

The Tofurkey may have been tough to cut, but it was still a lovely and fancy dinner party. Thanks, ladies!

// December 21, 2012


The Mayans were wrong. We survived!!

// December 20, 2012

Christmas Craft Night

An exciting evening making crafts as the snow blows outside. At least we were warm!

// November 19, 2012

I Need To Go Home…

She stopped all conversation in the room with the epic quote of the night.


Madison Friendsgave 2012

Caitlin’s Friendsgiving extravagasm was a blow-out success!


One Year From 30

It was Bryan’s birthday, and we partied the shit out of it!! “A Righteous Time!”

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